Monday, August 8, 2011

Fastest Car In The World Is Bugatti Veyron

Autostadt or 'city car' in Wolfsburg is part of Volkswagen's effort to showcase the company's collection of cars of various types and brands from around the world. Berkonsepkan Autostadt Volkswagen automobile production operations documentation was inspired when the Expo 2000 in Hannover in 1994. In 1998 the building was built next to the Autostadt Volkswagen factory and the main pavilion was officially opened in 2000.

My visit to the Autostadt in sponsorship by the company Volkswagen, which is part of the 'post-conference tours'. Our delegation is staying and berkonferens in Hannover carried with 6 MPV Volkswagen cars complete with chauffeur. The trip to Wolfsburg from Hannover to take approximately 1 hour.

Entrance fee to the Autostadt is € 13.50 a party but we got it for free because it was sponsored by Volkswagen. Entrance is in the form of smart cards should you touch before entering the pavilion. Terdapar 7 pieces pavilion that showcased different types of cars to visitors. Pavilion production and construction of various types of car Volkswagen puts VW corporate output, while the Bentley Pavilion located in the basement is also exhibiting a Bentley and Bugatti.

When my visit there, the Bugatti Veyron Chrome on display in the main pavilion. Bugatti Veyron sports car is the fastest car in the world with the speed of 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and can reach 267 MPH. Bugatti Veyron car price is about USD $ 2,400,000.00 (IDR 20, 400,019,200.00) but to take pictures with it is free. So, I chose to take pictures only.

Pavilion showcased Skoda Skoda car output from the Czech Republic.

Latest car 4X4 Yeti main room laid. Skoda pavilion space is limited to small and Skoda brand cars only.

Lamborghini pavilion is the most interesting and from outside the pavilion you could hear the roar of a car through the sound effects from the pavilion.

You have to queue to enter the Lamborghini pavilion space because many people who want to see the show in it. You also can visit the Pavilion Pavilion Audi and SEAT is among the largest pavilion.

Selain car show, VW pavilion also sell souvenirs to visitors. To the car enthusiast this place is a must for your destination. You can get to the Autostadt to train with you from Berlin or Hannover.

But I'm not sure how much ticket prices and travel time. The station is located next to the Autostadt and only 5 minutes if walking. Finished visiting the Autostadt, VW's driver send our party back to Hannover.

Thrust SSC : Speeding Up to 750 Miles/Hour

Thrust SSC (Super Sonic Car) is powered by two Rolls-Royce turbojet engine 205.

Workers who sprayed the equivalent of 145 cars Formula One (F1).

It weighs 10 tons and had recorded a maximum speed of 766 Miles / Hour at Black Rock desert, Nevada, USA in October 1997.

Evolution : The car's most Ekonomis

Different from economy cars in general, the concept is rather like a hybird car, but the weight just 450 kg.

Its speed reaches 160 km / h with a 2 cylinder turbo diesel engine.

The door is unique because it is not located on the sides but instead uses a wing at the front door.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Google's office immediately installed wireless technology car charger for Electricity

Kudos to Google continue to explore ways to make it not only powerful in the world of internet but also try to be a company that cares the environment (Environmentally Friendly).

This time in collaboration with Evatran will make electric cars available in the Google Headquarters, Mountain View, California could recharge car batteries wirelessly.

Evatran called Plugless Power is rechargeable wireless technology (wireless) with the help of magnetic induction just as we've ever preach about Nissan cars here.

This technology will be installed at several locations in Google's headquarters with the aim to facilitate the rechargeable electric car without any hassle plug in all.

For additional information, at the headquarters of Google's broad enough that many electric cars are used for pacing in the office area.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Viatag : RFID Technology to address the queue in the parking lot, and to extend the life of the car window

Auto glass car windows you often broken? Surely one of them because of frequent opening and closing to pay to park.

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute are developing an RFID technology that will be mounted on the windscreen (Called VIATAG) so we can pay to park without having to stop and open the glass all.

RFID is installed in front of the windshield will be automatically detected and calculates the cost of car parking in a spot and then online would cut those costs directly into your savings account at a bank.

RFID posted only a 1.5 x 10 cm and benefits with RFID, you're not bothered with the affairs of a battery or power source for RFID.

In the RFID will be stored 12 digit code to identify each car and the distance that can be read by the RFID reader itself can reach 8 m.

You also do not have to worry if someone stole it because once the RFID tag is removed, it is not automatic RFID can be used.

VIATAG currently being trialled in the city of Essen, Duisburg and Munich, Germany, and in addition could make the car window is not quickly broken, VIATAG also reduce queues at the pay parking.

Actually, similar to the automatic toll payment system (known as Electronic Toll Collection System or Electronic Road Pricing), only VIATAG later can have more functions in many places, from the parking lot, car wash and more.

Caravan Copotable

The vehicle is designed by Christian Susana is the result of crossbreeding a car and caravan for the camper.

The facade can be stripped-off, if it were not for the camper, and became a passenger car with two seats.

Perhaps the strange appearance, but its flexibility is admirable.

Lowest Car With Powerful Jet In The World

Flat car nuts will be included Guinness Book as the best vehicle aka flat flat world. How flat?

This car is only 19 inches tall. Edannya, creator Perry Watkins jet turbine engine installed in the back of his car. Whether the car is legal or not worn on the streets.

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